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1. rediscover your magnificence through self-discovery

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Take a journey of self-discovery to uncover who you really are underneath the voice of the inner critic.

These uplifting words and inspirational messages will help you find your true essence while your eyes delight in the beauty of this world through breath-taking photos.

Soul nourishment & travel inspiration in one!

You Are Essential:
101 Reminders of Your Magnificence


Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

2.Cultivate a habit of


Imagine your life if the voice of your inner critic was replaced with the voice of an inner cheerleader. 
You can use self-gratitude to train your mind to overcome self-doubt and replace it with courage and confidence as you embrace the full wonder of who you are!

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Download your FREE
self-gratitude starter kit

 and get these tools to overcome self-doubt:


  • Initial Self-Gratitude Exercise
    Four questions to help you start feeling more appreciation for
    yourself as you remember how much value you provide.


  • 12 Week Self-Gratitude Journal Template
    A weekly template with guided self-gratitude prompts.
    Customize it to include your favorite quotes or pictures.


  • 52 Weekly Self-Reflection Questions
    52 questions to reflect on your own magnificence
    and help you clarify your vision and purpose.

Self-gratitude journal "I Am Essential" now available in paperback on Amazon!

Grab your copy here! 

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