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Your light shines brightest when YOU remember its radiance and put it to use

The Summer Solstice today marks the longest day of the year. With more light available to us than any other day, now is also a great time to remember the sunshine within!

All of your strengths, talents, skills, and gifts are part of your inner light. They are always available! But if you don’t consciously take the time to remember them, you may forget that they are there. The sun is always there — even when its rays are playing behind the clouds.

The sunshine within you always shines — even when the voices in your head tell you otherwise.

The more you remember your own power, the more you can leverage it to shine your light upon everyone else!

Here are five ways to help you remember and honor the sunshine within today:

1. Self-Gratitude

Yes, we’ve all heard of gratitude journaling — but self-gratitude is equally as important! What are you thankful for about yourself? Think about all the dreams that you have already turned into reality. Make a list of some of your proudest achievements and think about the wonderful character traits you possess that helped you get there!

How many people have you made smile just within the past few days — simply by being yourself? Consider the people in your life whom you have the greatest impact on. What is it that they admire most about you?

Consider starting a self-gratitude journal practice to notice your wonderful traits more often. If you would like a free template to help you get started, I’ve created one here. :-)

2. Create a “Sunshine for my Soul” playlist

Think of the songs that always put you in a good mood and make you feel wonderful about yourself. Make a playlist out of them. Don’t just limit it to the songs that are most recent — go back in time to songs that brought you the most joy years or even decades ago. Bring on the nostalgia and throw in those jams that you almost forgot existed! My personal list includes good ol’ 90s and 00’s pop!

Get into the habit of playing this playlist in the background as you’re doing “boring” or mundane tasks so you can lift your spirits and feel more motivated to conquer the next big thing!

3. Consume Brighter Content

Become mindful of the content you consume on a daily basis. Does it nurture your soul through inspiration? Does it nurture your mind through education? If the content you expose yourself to doesn’t fulfill one of these roles, then consider intentionally changing it.

Curate your social media feeds by only following pages or people who uplift you. Decide to only listen to podcasts or YouTube channels that nurture your mind and soul. Resist the urge to click on headlines that scare you or provide useless content that won’t move you any closer to your goals or life vision.

These decisions are an investment in your future self because they free up time for you to focus on nurturing what is truly important to you!

4. Reconnect With The Creator Within

What is one creative activity that you haven’t done in a while that always brings you joy? Do it today or commit to scheduling some time for it within the next week. Whether it’s writing, painting, making music, dancing, or any other creative outlet, these are important ways to balance out the two sides of our brain.

When we disregard the right brain’s creative muse, we lose the inspiration that often fuels our drive to perform other tasks. We are natural creators and that part of us needs to be nurtured in order for us to feel the full sunshine that is innate to us.

It is through expressing what is within us that we feel our own power to create and to leave our mark on this world.

5. Honor Your Body

Your body is the result of sunlight that was eventually converted into food which then provided the energy to help your rock out your amazingness! Show it some love today by honoring its messages. Is it tired of constantly sitting behind the computer? Take it for a long walk or do some stretching or yoga.

Is there a tension in one part that could be relived with your own touch? You may be surprised how even giving yourself a quick massage or rubdown can provide a sense of relief. Whether it’s laying outside in the sun for just a few minutes or taking a long bath, do something that will provide a sense of relaxation for your body.

When you remember the sunshine within, you will naturally help spread it to others just by being your radiant self. So honor the sunshine within and keep on shining sweet one!


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