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Do Thoughts Create Reality? Quantum Biology Points us to the Answer (Part III)

An Article Series Exploring the Quantum Science Behind the Mind-body Connection

This article series delves into the question of whether our thoughts can create our reality. We are taking a look at this through exploring the world of quantum biology — the intersection of quantum physics and biology.

Quantum physics and biology have both been around for a long time. But the marriage of the two is a relatively new concept — one that presents a lot of hope in helping us understand ourselves better. The book “Life on the Edge: The Coming Age of Quantum Biology” by scientists Johnjoe McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili is a wonderful introduction to this field. This article series follows the book, chapter by chapter, and applies its findings to the topic of how the quantum world could be responsible for our thoughts turning into things. In the last article in this series, we discussed how clumps of matter turn into living organisms and how our attention to something collapses the wave function of existing possibilities. Today, we use some insights from Chapter 3 of “Life on the Edge” to look at the exact process that quantum physics plays inside our bodies. We then explore how we can use it to bring more peace, happiness, and joy into our lives. TUNNELING TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COSMOS

The world of quantum physics is so strange in comparison to what we know that it resembles many of our sci-fi movies. One such example is a concept that is essential to our discussion today — quantum tunneling. Quantum tunneling is a process through which particles are able to pass through a barrier instantly. One minute it’s here, and the next thing you know it appears on the other side of the galaxy. Can I get a “Beam me up, Scotty?” What happens in quantum tunneling is that a particle bypasses the rules of the classical world of physics. The particle moves from one place to another, regardless of anything that may stand in its way. To illustrate, think of a ball rolling up hill. You release it down the hill on the other side of the valley and watch it roll down. Then when it gets to a certain point up on the hill, it won’t go any further. It will just roll back down to the valley. The only way to get the ball to the other side would be for someone to kick or carry it up the hill and then release it again. The ball simply doesn’t have enough potential energy to move up the hill on its own. Not so in the quantum world! If the hill is the barrier, the ball would be able to move through it even without being kicked up hill. Prefer a visual? Check out this Youtube video. BRINGING THE MAGIC OF QUANTUM TUNNELING TO DAILY LIFE Ok, so at this point you may be thinking along the lines of time travel, teleportation, or walking through walls. So why aren’t those things possible — at least yet? Because in order for an object to quantum tunnel, its particles must behave in a wave-like fashion. They must be “in sync.” The peaks and troughs of their waves must coincide, or be “coherent,” as scientists would put it. And as far as we know, large objects that are made up of trillions of atoms — such the chair you’re sitting on — cannot behave in such a coherent fashion. QUANTUM TUNNELING IN YOUR BODY So what does quantum tunneling have to do with you? Your body is made up of trillions of cells. Does it have the ability to quantum tunnel? With so many atoms and molecules constantly moving around, it would seem unlikely. At least according to classical physics. But we’re in the quantum world now, remember? Scientists have found that the very process that converts energy in your body from one form to another (cellular respiration), is powered by this amazing process. The electrons in your body travel along respiratory chains via quantum tunneling! As McFadden and Al-Khalili go on to explain in Chapter 3 of “Life on the Edge,” we have amazing nanomachines in our bodies that coordinate the motion of the protons, neutrons, and electrons within the cell. These nanomachines are called enzymes. They speed up the chemical reactions within our cells. How? Through the tunneling of protons as they dematerialize from one location and materialize in another. TAPPING THE “MAGICAL” STATE OF COHERENCE Quantum phenomena can happen in living organisms when the particles inside those organisms behave coherently . Plants do it all the time through photosynthesis. Our bodies do it through enzymatic reactions. Life is intelligent enough to keep your heart beating and your blood circulating regardless of your conscious effort. So if we applied some conscious effort to other aspects of our physical experience, could we influence how we experience reality? More specifically, could we deliberately change our state of being so that we experience joy, fulfillment, love — and all the positive emotions we associate with happiness — more often? Could we use quantum tunneling as a “biohack?” Once again, science says yes! BYPASSING THE “NORMAL” LAWS OF REALITY The HeartMath Institute has been doing research on the physiology of stress, emotions, and the brain-heart coherence for over 25 years. It offers the perfect bridge in helping us understand how we can apply the wonder of coherence to bring more happiness to our lives. If we can get more of the particles in our bodies to act in a coherent manner, we allow more of our cells to utilize the wonder of quantum tunneling. This means we are less subject to the classical laws of physics including entropy (think aging) and we can experience our lives in a whole new way. Rather than being weighed down by the heavier molecular structures of the stress hormones, our bodies can function much more smoothly and efficiently as its systems get more in sync through positive emotional states. The brain and the heart are the two major organs that send signals to each other and coordinate the functioning of the rest of our body. According to HeartMath, the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain to the heart! ELEVATE YOUR EMOTIONS, INCREASE YOUR COHERENCE Let’s get back to the original question of this article series. How do thoughts turn to things? On a quantum level, thoughts are energy. When emotion is added to the equation (which often happens as certain thoughts are constantly played out in our minds), the energy of the thought becomes stronger. If electrons influence other electrons (as quantum entanglement suggests), the electromagnetic component of emotion should thus affect the processes within the cell. As electrons dance with other electrons, the wavelengths of the associated frequencies combine to either create coherent wave patterns of incoherent wave patterns. These patterns then determine the make up of the biomolecules we call neurotransmitters, neurons, cells, and onto the larger system. From the smallest level up, the frequency that we emit through our deliberate decision to focus our attention in a certain way affects the whole chain of reactions. Each act of mental focus thus plays a role in determining the quality of our physical and mental well-being. QUANTUM TUNNELING TO LESS STRESS AND MORE JOY Consciously directing our attention in such a way that we feel positive heart-based emotions (love, kindness, compassion, or joy) can bring our bodies into a coherent state, as HeartMath’s research shows. All of our systems then function much more efficiently — thanks to quantum tunneling! Our conscious decision to shift our attention and our thoughts is the first step to shifting the chemical concoction in our bodies we know as emotions. If you want to learn more, see the following: Science of the Heart: How Uplifting Emotions Increase Our Mental Clarity & Focus Harness the Power of Positive Emotions To Improve Physical Well-Being and Increase Mental Efficiency Our emotions are the way through which we experience our lives. If we can elevate our thoughts and emotions, we can increase the energy efficiency of our bodies. We gain mental clarity, our immunity strengthens, our heart functions better, stress and anxiety are reduced, and we feel a greater sense of well-being. The power of quantum tunneling is ours to use to transform our experience of reality if we choose to do so. We simply have to be willing to let go of past notions of how reality works and of who we thought we were. Day by day, we can train our minds to help us step into experiencing a whole new experience of life and all of its magic.

----- SOURCES: “Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology” by Johnjoe McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili, 2016, Broadway Books RECOMMENDED READING if you’re interested in the science behind the mind-body connection: The Dancing Wu Li Masters — Gary Zukav The Tao of Physics — Fritjof Capra Evolve Your Brain — Dr. Joe Dispenza Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself — Dr. Joe Dispenza The Biology of Belief — Bruce Lipton Buddha’s Brain — Rick Hanson, Ph. D The Universe in a Single Atom — Dalai Lama The Divine Matrix — Gregg Bradden Finding Flow — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi The Physics of God — Joseph Selbie No Self No Problem — Chris Niebauer, Ph.D


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