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If Tomorrow Never Comes

We don’t dream big enough.

We hold ourselves back and succumb to the limitations of our own minds.

What makes me feel most alive?

It is dwelling in these words right now.

If I die today, would I have left with some sort of influence on the world?

If I die today, what is left unfulfilled deep in my soul? What message do I want my life to be to the world?

Because every moment of my life is a message. I want it to be one of a silly and childish kind of joy. One of reverence and love for life itself.

To never lose that sense of wonder. To stand in awe of every sunset.

To watch in amazement as the squirrels outside my window jump from tree to tree without falling.

To stare up at the night sky and get lost in its bold vastness.

To feel every cell within my body playfully doing its work to keep this vessel of life alive and fresh.

To look at other humans and see the miracles that they are, not just when they are babies, but when they are full-grown adults, complete with their beautiful so-called mistakes and failures etched into the fabric of their being along with their most thrilling wins and successes.

To simply wander around the world, no particular goal in mind but the joy of the journey itself.

Along the way, to understand its people, to learn what makes their hearts sing with joy.

And when inspiration arises, to let it flow through me so that perhaps my words can ignite a spark within a fellow soul to explore the depths of their own marvelous self.

To know that my words and my breaths mattered.

If I die today I want the world to realize that kindness matters, that there is always hope, and that we must not be afraid to realize our dreams.

That we have all made mistakes and most of us have been harder on ourselves than we should have been but that it is ok to move past these and feel the space of possibility that is contained in every moment of now.

For the world wouldn’t advance very fast if we kept looking in the rear-view more than the windshield.

I love mornings more than anything. The light returning to my corner of the planet and the birds cheerfully chirping their songs to welcome another day.

Another day. Will it have mattered?

This is it. This is what I live for. Every second tinged with hope, with presence.

What are we all so busy rushing towards? Our death?

I no longer want to rush towards death, to strive for some idea of a future at the expense of the now.

This here is what I live for.

To be immersed so comfortably in each moment, in each word as if it were my last.

To share my smiles, to share my laughter, to share my sense of awe and stop apologizing for daring to live so differently.

It is no secret that I march to the rhythm of my own drum, that I do not mind straying from the ordinary. I have finally come to peace with the understanding that we are all unique creatures whose inner flames are all sparked by something different.

How futile to try to live up to the world’s vision of what one should be.

The world is a better place when choose to follow our own inner light.

No amount of action could compare to the impact we can have when we are living fully from our hearts.

Only as we allow our own light to shine do we give permission to others to do the same. And I now give myself permission to do that.

To be as I am. To stand naked and raw in front of the universe. To let it lead me in this beautiful dance of life as I allow others to see the world through these eyes of wonder and hope.

Because we are the world. And have always been.


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